PublisherM - Communications & Project Management
PublisherM understands the business that drives your communications and project management needs, with practice areas spanning telecommunications, healthcare, education, agriculture, workforce management and manufacturing. And if you're working to be a more sustainable business, even better. We help you there, too.
Think PublisherM for Communications and Project Management. 
PublisherM provides an array of services to meet your short-term and long-term needs:
  • Writing, editing, and research
  • Proposal management
  • Business and organizational development
  • Marketing communications
  • Meeting and group facilitation
You might need a turn-key communications team to manage a marketing communications project.  
You might need a proposal manager, writers or editors. For big proposals, or if you must respond to multiple RFPs in a short timeframe, a small internal staff can get stretched too thin. Mistakes get made. Things get missed. Hiring comunications professionals on retainer or on a project basis is smart, efficient, and cost effective.
Perhaps you need to figure out why your marketing efforts are not getting the results you expected. Maybe you need insight into why your business is not attracting customers – and some workable ideas to create change.
Small Businesses - Try 3-2-1
Owners of small businesses can benefit greatly from reasonably priced professional marketing communications and business development services. You know your business. You make the best coffees, sauces, candles, soaps, or other products. You provide the best pressure washing, landscaping, fabrication, medical billing, or other service. But your expertise probably doesn't extend into marketing communications or business development.
For small businesses with fewer than 5 employees, especially new businesses, try our 3-2-1 offer. Give us 30 minutes of your time to scout your operations and ask you a few questions. That's usually all we need to start developing ideas to help your business. The "3" in our 3-2-1 offer is our 3rd business success recommendation. It's free.
If you like our initial interactions and think #3 is a good start toward improving your business, hire us for $275. We'll give you a marketing and business development report that contains the top 1, 2, and 3 recommendations to improve your business, along with details about each. From there, you can implement our recommendations on your own, or you may consider hiring us to help.
For small businesses that need help with proposals, documents, brochures, Web content, and other marketing materials, you'll find our prices are reasonable and value-minded. We want to make sure you know and understand the kinds of marketing communications services that will benefit your company, but constant upselling is not the way we do business. 
 Let us know what you need. You'll get your money's worth.
Businesses with Bureaucracies – Whatever It Takes
Standard procurement, contract or vendor management processes often make it hard for a large organization to work with a small vendor, even when you know we're the best fit for your needs. Most small vendors don't have the bandwidth to handle all the preliminary paperwork that comes with large organizations. But we know what it's like because we've been there – and PublisherM knows how to maneuver through channels to make things happen.
Need us on your approved vendor list? We can do that. Need our certified woman-owned business paperwork?  A formal proposal in a specified format? Need us to work with HR, procurement, contract management, and your boss before a contract can get approved?
We understand. If you need our services, we'll do whatever it takes to get the paperwork taken care of before we start charging you for our services. Let us know what you need.
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