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Your Communications Resource
Finding the time and expertise to handle communications projects can be daunting. Some businesses don't know where to begin. Other business owners have learned through painful experiences that they need help but don't know who to ask or what kind of help to ask for.
Simply put, many businesses don't plan enough for the writing, editing, and marketing end of their business. If your business is not known, you won't stay in business, no matter how good your product or service.
PublisherM provides a range of communications services that can help your business get its message out there in whatever formats meet your needs.
Unless your company does a lot of proposals, it can be hard to justify having a fulltime proposal staff. Many companies have one proposal person, or a person who does proposals occasionally: an employee who wears many hats and takes on the extra proposal work when needed. This person probably does more than most business owners realize. Until, that is, that one person is sick, or on vacation. Or leaves the company.
Even if you have more than one person who works on proposals, maybe you've decided to bid on a large project. Or more than one opportunity has come up at the same time. You will need help.
It doesn't matter whether you need emergency proposal help right now or if you're planning ahead for a future need.
Ask us for details about our proposal services and how we can help you meet your deadlines with better products and less drain on your staff.
Marketing Collateral, Copy Writing, Research
Most of the time, small companies don't realize they can get professional marketing services without spending a lot of money.
Brochures, collateral, tech specs, sales sheets, "slicks" – whatever you call them – most companies need some printed marketing materials. You might have the desktop publishing software to create these products, but are they effective? Does the writing sing? Does the design promote your company's image? Do they bring in business? Maybe not.
Many small to mid-sized companies develop their own Web pages. Maybe you have a technically minded person who put it together for you, or you found an inexpensive hosting company. But what about the content? Does the design work for your business? Does it have grammatical or typographical mistakes? Does it just sit there, doing nothing to help grow your business?  PublisherM can help change that.
PublisherM can research your market, develop a marketing plan and help you implement it. PublisherM can design collateral, or we can edit or revamp products you already have. We can assess your Web site, or help with analytics to show you what your site is doing – or not doing – for you. Our Web content developers can start from scratch or work with what you have to improve your Web presence.
Whatever your needs for marketing materials – from a small brochure to a multi-volume technical proposal – PublisherM is a cost-effective, reliable resource. Give us a call or drop us a note.
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