PublisherM - Communications & Project Management
Project Management Gets It Done
Whatever communications project you have in mind, it must get done on time and within budget. Whether a proposal with a clear deadline, an internal project you fear will drag on for months, or a complex project that needs a professional project manager to ensure success - that's when you need PublisherM.
PublisherM's principal and associate consultants have decades of experience in communications projects that span telecommunications, healthcare, education, agriculture, or manufacturing. From a one-person counseling practice, to a regional steel fabrication operation, to a multi-billion dollar telecommunications company, PublisherM's communications project management expertise is applied to meet your specific needs. How can we be so diverse and still claim expertise?
We're business-minded people. Our business is communications. We are professional project managers who know project management from inception to close out. We understand risk management and risk mitigation. PublisherM can help ensure your project plan identifies the human and other resources needed to get the job done, as well as time, materials, or resource obstacles that must be managed. With PublisherM your communications projects will be managed successfully while you get to retain your sanity and focus on your regular business needs.
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